Create powerful sales compensation plans, backed by the latest science

motiveOS helps growing B2B companies design sales compensation plans that are proven to motivate and unlock growth by 17%*

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*or more, based upon the latest research and proven sales. comp. tactics

Understand why your comp. plan is underperforming

Sales compensation is your most expensive overhead, yet it can be hard to know if it could be more effective. We provide a full audit of your existing compensation plan to identify any gaps.

We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to

We've created a step-by-step process to create a new plan tailored to your business, team performance and stage of growth to get the most from your sales team.

Get buy-in from your team

We'll provide a report with clear design methodology, explaining the latest research, how it applies to your business, and what principles are in place to retain financial control whilst still implementing best-practice to motivate the sales team.

We solve sales compensation design with data, the latest research and proven comp. designs from Hundreds of growing B2B businesses

Stop guessing and start motivating your sales team with a tailored comp. plan

Get your free sales compensation plan

Who we help

Sales comp. that align with your objectives

Employ proven sales comp. tactics to address key objectives like profitability, reducing churn, new logos etc.

Knock your quota out of the park

Quota atatainment should be supperted, not hindered by a good sales compensation plan. We can design the right plan to set up your sales team for success

Fix sales attrition

47% or reps would leave their role for a 10% pay increase*. Ensure your highest performers are well incentivised and your lower performers have a path to success

Runaway costs begone

We offer predictability and budget control with proven tactics to reduce runaway sales compensation costs

Transparency means less questions from the sales team

Clearly designed sales comp. will result in less shoulder tapping and queries from your sales team

Payout with confidence

We’ll ensure we balance simplicity of your comp. plan design with an easy way to administer sales comp. payouts

Complexity is the enemy

Too many variables, not enough focus will result in a dilution of the effects of sales comp. We’ll help you find the optimum balance.

Clear causality is key

Behavioural psychology research is clear, causality between behaviour and reward will result in more consistent sales behaviour

Motivate reps aligned with their performance

Understanding where each of your reps fall within a cohort of low, core, and star performers will allow you to design a comp. plan suited to their performance

Get your free sales compensation plan

"Whether you’re a CEO or a VP of sales, the sales compensation plan is probably the most powerful tool you have"

Mark Roberge, former Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot

We know about sales compensation design - we wrote the book on it

We've studied sales compensation plans from Hundreds of growing B2B businesses, research papers and the latest science and published our findings in one handy ebook.

Read our ebook on best in class sales compensation plan design

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