About us

motiveOS provides cloud-based sales compensation planning and automation software that helps organisations create best-practice compensation plans and high-performance sales teams. The real-time compensation app provides accuracy and visibility to sales, finance and management teams, helping to automate the entire sales commission process. The motiveOS platform seamlessly integrates with many internal Finance and CRM systems that organisations are already using today. This integration allows businesses to create, track and automate their sales compensation process efficiently, transparently and error-free.

motiveOS Founders

Alexander Green
CEO at motiveOS

Our vision is to help growing businesses build world-class revenue teams. Previously the Co-Founder and CEO for HANDS HQ, a profitable prop. technology startup in London. I studied Building and Construction Project Management and led the refurbishment teams of many global head offices in London.

Linton Ball
CTO at motiveOS

Linton has worked at some of Sydney’s leading tech startups as a senior software engineer, with a passion for the complexity that comes with developing early stage products. He is multidisciplinary, spending time across product management and design, and began his Undergraduate in Behavioural Psychology in 2019.