Better sales incentives start here

Growing businesses use motiveOS to create, track and automate their sales commission process

Design a best-practice compensation plan that's tailored to your business

Create the buildings blocks of your commission plans with quotas, accelerators and other customisations with our intuitive plan designer

Connect your apps to trigger commission events

Customise when commissions are triggered by mapping fields in your CRMs such as meetings booked or revenue closed, then automate commission payouts

Align and motivate your sales team with real-time commission data

With beautiful visuals and real-time commission data pulled from your CRM, commercial teams can track their commissions in real-time, leading to better motivation and increased transparency

Manage your team and handle any disputes and adjustments all in one place

Easily assign employees to plans, handle commission adjustments, refunds, and disputes all in one place

Run commission payroll with confidence

Promote transparency and reduce admin by running commission payroll through an automated workflow that notifies staff of updated commission amounts. Payroll is completed in minutes, not hours

Seamless integrations with your favourite software

Getting started is easy and workflows are integrated with where your employees are already working.

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Plans to suit your business

All pricing plans cover the most complex commission plans, with features designed to grow with your business


Perfect for companies with up to 5 sales executives

  • 1 team
  • Real time dashboards
  • Ramps for new employees
  • Payroll and manual payment processing
  • Forecasted commissions
  • Integration with Hubspot and Salesforce
  • Free commission plan design consultation

Suited for teams with more than 5 sales executives

  • Everything from Base plus
  • Up to 5 teams
  • Team based quotas
  • Disputes & approvals
  • Billing integrations
  • Free commission plan design consultation

Suited to businesses with larger commercial teams spread across multiple locations

  • Everything from Team plus
  • Unlimited teams &¬†territories
  • Dedicated account manager and priority support
  • Commission plan consulting
  • Custom integrations
  • Free commission plan design consultation
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Frequently asked questions

Can you help us build the right commission plan for our business?

Yes, with our industry expertise and our Compensation Plan Designer, we can help you build a best practice plan based upon your industry, stage of growth and primary goals.

We have an existing commission plan already and want to track it using motiveOS, can this be done?

Yes, once you sign up one of our integration specialists will get in touch to set up your account and get you onboarded.

How long will does it take to be onboarded?

Depending on your plan it can be within 15minutes or up to a week, depending on your requirements.

I use excel, why would I use software instead?

In our experience, excel quickly outgrows its purpose once you allow for accelerators, clawbacks and adjusted payouts. Each dollar spent on an inefficient process results in less effective commission plan.

Need help with your commission plan? No problem!

We can review your existing plan or start fresh and design a best-practice plan for you based upon your industry, stage of business and company goals

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