The smarter, simpler way to run sales compensation

Supercharge your sales teams with clear comp plans, automatically updated with the tools you already use.

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Connect your apps and trigger incentive events automatically

Create the buildings blocks of your commission plan by adding quotas and accelerators; then choose when commissions are awarded by mapping fields in your CRMs, billing and accounting software


Align and motivate your sales team with real time data

With beautiful visuals and real time commission data pulled from your CRM, sales teams can track their commissions in real time, and finally understand their potential future earnings


Manage your team, apply adjustments and handle disputes

Easily assign employees to plans, make adjustments to commissions and find a complete audit trail of changes, disputes and queries in one place. No more trawling through emails


Run commission payroll like a pro

Lock periods for payroll, attribute quota accurately and run payroll in minutes, not hours


Integrated with the tools your team already know and love.

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